There the loans for self-employed persons with negative Credit Bureau are guaranteed, for the insurance there is a full cover. If a self-employed person wants to take out a loan, he will quickly find that banks are skeptical of a loan application. It becomes almost hopeless when a negative Credit Bureau is added to the independence. However, there is no reason to fear that the payment will be preceded by a weeks-long review process of the business records. The debt for operational purposes.

Loans with negative credit for the self-employed

Loans with negative credit for the self-employed

The self-employed and freelancers anyway have greater problems with lending than the employees, since the individual financial institutions usually exclude them as borrowers. With a negative Credit Bureau entry the problem becomes even more acute. However, there is the possibility of obtaining a loan with a negative Credit Bureau for the self-employed. There is a distinction between business and private occupancy.

Although a distinction between private and commercial current account is not mandatory, it is almost indispensable both from a tax point of view and accounting clarity. In addition, there are different legal provisions for business and consumer credit. A creditworthiness with a negative credit rating is easier to obtain for self-employed people for commercial purposes than for private events.

In the credit check, it is above all important that the intended investment projects generally contribute with sufficient certainty to a result in the foreseeable future. Smaller self-employed and self-employed, who are usually entitled to determine profits by means of a covering calculation, submit these and a preview for the following years. The most important decision criterion for a successful credit decision is the probability of success of the asset to be invested, which must be realistically assessed.

Even in the case of corporate loans,

Even in the case of corporate loans,

The credit check is mainly carried out not by Credit Bureau, but by Creditreform or another credit institution. In the case of sole proprietors, this information also includes information on private credit institutions, but more important for the granting of loans is the assessment of the economic performance of the enterprise. The credit-free Swiss loan for the self-employed is also generally available to self-employed with a negative loan for the self-employed.

When submitting their application, the banks pay attention to which of the few financial institutions from Switzerland or Liechtenstein grants non-employees credit and submit the application only to one of these institutions. The loan amount for self-employed and salaried employees amounts to either $ 3500 or $ 5000. It is not possible to extend the maximum amount by applying for several non-credit credits at different federal financial institutions, as this procedure is noticeable through the ZEK’s credit check.

The institute is similar to the German Credit Bureau, but does not have information on foreign financial contracts. With a Swiss loan with a negative credit rating for self-employed, larger sums are possible, provided they submit the application via a credit intermediary. Due to his excellent market knowledge and concentrated purchasing power, he often receives a loan commitment in problematic situations where loan applications made directly by the client are unsuccessful.

The seriousness of a credit intermediary is recognized by self-employed persons who, according to the legal regulations, only demand profit-sharing and no advance payments. A few domestic financial institutions have the option of obtaining a negative Credit Bureau loan for home use, if there is only a slight negative feature. An independent candidate can continue to use existing lines after a Credit Bureau entry.

He should, however, refrain from applying for an increase in his current account credit, since this measure introduces a new Credit Bureau application from many credit institutions. Self-employed persons are considered as consumers when taking up loans for private purposes. One of the major broker platforms explicitly allows the loan request for operational reasons. In the case of a personal loan with a negative credit rating for the self-employed, the granting of the loan is decided mainly on the basis of the stated purpose.

In addition, many private lenders are aware that many financial institutions are reluctant to lend to the self-employed and freelancers so that they formulate their applications for societal considerations. By keeping the self-employed as open as possible about their entire economic situation, including Credit Bureau’s existing negative contribution, the possibilities for a quick loan subscription can be increased.

Despite the comprehensive personal data in the loan application you do not need to worry about the privacy, as only the platform operator is informed about the addresses and bank details of the individual members.